Our Services

• Panels of 36 - 154 - 380 kV Transformer Stations
• Control Panels
• Relay Panels
• Scada Panels
• Counter Panels
• RTU Panels
• Synchronization Panels
• AC Auxiliary Service Panels
DC Auxiliary Service Panels
• Aluminium marshalling boxes
• Special panels for compensation
• Open and closed sheet-iron cubicles
• Switchyards connections;

• Aluminium connectors
• Copper connectors
• Brass connectors
• Steel connectors
• Earthing rods and connectors
• Thermostatic heaters, 100 W for panels
• 24 - 110 V DC, cubicle door locks
• FUJI, circuit breaker and disconnector switches
• Cabling and commissioning services for transformer stations
• Drawing of electrilc secondary projects
• Consultancy services

Primary Engineering and Offer
Preparation of Substation Engineering Offer Packet
Feasibility studies of High Voltage Substations
Product selection and preparation of soluiton packets
AIS (air insulated substation) and/or GIS (Gas Insulated Substation) design services as specified below
     Preparation of Cables destination and lay-out projects
     Selection and project preparation of Surge Arresters
     Earthing and Ligthning Protection Calculations
     Preparation of Earthing and Ligthning Protection Projects
Coordination of steel structure claculations
Technical support during installation at site
Below listed services
     Conductor sag&tension calculations
     Electrodynamic Short Circuit Calculations
     Conctor/cable HV, MV and LV current carrying capacity calculations
Secondary Engineering
EHV, HV, MV and LV substation offer and project servives
Generator Synchoronization Systems project services
Generator Protectiom Systems project services
Conventional protection/control/monitoring project services
Dimensioning Instrument Transformers (CT, VT)
Busbar Protection system project services
Technical specification consultancy in secondary base systems
Preparation of SIPROTECT(SIEMENS) relay configuration files
Selection/ dimensioning/ project services of auxiliary systems(AC, DC)
Power Systems Concept Design and Analysis
Preparation of protection plan, coordination and parameters of power systems
Fault analysis report preparation
Presentation of power system analysis reports
Engineering Tools

Excel Tools

Microsoft Office Programs



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